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Yes Ma’am!

Cake, Cake, CAKE!  And cookies. And cupcakes. And food in general. {And cocktails, quite honestly.}  I. Am. Obsessed. So I thought that there was no better way to put that obsession into motion than to open my own home-kitchen bakery for my Twin Cities neighbors! 

I grew up in South Mississippi with women who loved to let me help them in the kitchen – my Memaw who made the breakfast spreads I’ve ever had, my Momma who put hours of work into Sunday dinners with family and friends and my sister Annie, who to this day is the best cook I’ve ever met.  Making food for someone is a way of saying “I love you” in the South and it definitely stuck with me.

I feel like good food brings people together and should be shared, so along with Yes Ma’am Southern Kitchen where I get to make the cakes, cupcakes, cookies and treats for your special days, I wanted a place where I could also share my favorite recipes, food I’m working on at Yes Ma’am and snapshots into every day life.   

What’s goin’ on in my kitchen this week:

We spent a fabulous Memorial Day weekend grilling and swimming in the sunshine with family and I may have eaten too many cheeseburgers {is there such a thing?}, and I also got to make cakes for two special occasions – a friend’s birthday and a holiday picnic.  I LOVE sending out special treats for celebrations!  Nothing makes me happier – except maybe relaxing at the pool….with a cheeseburger…y’all know how I do it!

*Pictured above: Never Too Much Lemon Cake; Hummingbird Cake